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Chelini, well-known Made in Italy luxury furniture’s brand, was founded in 1892 in Florence by the Chelini family; since then, from generation to generation, it is dedicated to the production of handcrafted home furnishings’ products.

Since the dawn it is geographically located within a district full of art and beauty: in fact, it was born within the Santo Spirito neighborhood in Florence and it is now headquartered in Scandicci, internationally recognized Made in Italy setting.

A founding family’s long Tuscan tradition and close proximity to art and antique world has always been a source of endless inspiration.

Being rooted in the classic culture is the starting point for a complete knowledge of other furniture eras, revised and updated by a clever creative work.

The company’s philosophy of life is a reinterpretation of the “living” concept.

The richness of its work is the ability to embrace clientele’s requests, pleasing them with personalized, unique and valuable creations.