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Chelini offers a wide range of stylistic expressions in accordance with modern style. It always keeps faith with elegance, classic and carving finesse canons that are typical of the artistic Florence. Production is handled with meticulous care in each phase and is entrusted to skilled craftsmen who keep alive the Tuscan tradition.


Chelini furniture’s versatility finds expression through a style that can be adapted to any type of setting with chic tones and subtle charm notes.

An important element of exclusivity unifies all the collections together: craftsmanship of production and decoration, along with the ability to customize any detail, make each piece a unique creation.


Creating a piece of furniture is simply an art. Handing it out from generation to generation is an art as well: this is what made Florence artistic laboratories well known all over the world from the very beginning of Renassaince. Chelini’s been keeping up with integrity, to these artistic values, making furniture since 1898. Chelini’s design is made of an in depth search and observation of styles, grasping for the finest details, decorations and finishing, then skillfully performed by the best artisans on the market. These kinds of handcrafts are very ancient and they haven’t been lost along the way: that’s why a piece of furniture is not simply useful or beautiful, but soulful.


Creations, settings and projects made over the years revive today within our video: discover them all and visit our reality through a selection created especially for you.

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