Beautiful luxury bedrooms you’ll love

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beautiful luxury bedrooms

The bedroom is perhaps the most intimate and private room of the house, where it’s essential to create a cosy, warm and welcoming atmosphere: for this reason, we’re very sensitive in beautiful luxury bedrooms.

Here is an overview of the creations by Chelini, a prestigious brand that produces luxury furniture labelled “Made in Italy”, that will help you make your dreamy bedroom come true:


Here, a selection of better and luxury Chelini beds:

classical dreamy beds


traditional luxury beds


dreamy beautiful luxury bedrooms



The bedroom is a warm and welcoming hideaway in which to spend some nice relaxing time. It’s fundamental to choose the right furniture for your bedroom, that should be consistent with your personal taste and the overall style of the house, in order to make it cosy, complete and fitted out with every comfort.

Before choosing the furniture, the furnishing accessories and the decorations, it’s essential you have a clear idea of the style you want for your bedroom.

Established in Florence in 1898, the historic Tuscan company Chelini manufactures classical and contemporary luxury furniture and furnishing accessories, all artisanally produced.

Let’s look at the features of classical and modern style bedrooms.


beautiful luxury bedroom golden sample



Modern beautiful luxury bedrooms

If you love clean lines, sober colours and that spacious essentiality that only minimalism can give you, we suggest a classy and elegant modern style for your bedroom, which is also (and especially) suitable for small rooms.

Minimalism and modernity are not synonyms for cold and impersonal ultracontemporary furniture. The modern style of a bedroom finds its expression in sharp and geometric lines, symmetrical shapes, a simple design and the essential accessories.

If you wish to make an intimate spot of your bedroom while giving it a dash of style and elegance, the simplicity of few matching designer items will create a fine, tasteful and welcoming room.

Among the latest interior design trends, we must mention the tendency to match equal-height designer bedside tables that have however slightly different shapes. Make sure that each night stand has a free surface at least 45 centimetres wide so that you will be able to place an alarm clock, a few books and matching modern table lamps.

The bed headboard of a dreamy bedroom is a key element as it defines the style of the entire room. It can be crafted from a material of your choice and purchased with the bed or separately. Generally speaking, if the ceiling is 2.5 to 3 metres tall, a rectangular headboard should be no taller than 135 centimetres. If you prefer your headboard to be curved or in any other shape, you can choose a taller one without any particular restriction.

Chelini crafts tailor-made headboards and bed systems from quality materials. Customisation means not only adapting the finishes and the details to one’s personal taste, but also crafting custom-made items and planning the bedroom’s entire look.

If the ceiling is tall enough, we suggest you decorate the wall behind the bed with a painting or the enlargement of a photograph to be placed at the centre, above the headboard.

The mainstream matching bedside rugs are out of fashion, whereas it is very popular nowadays to place on the bedroom floor an extra-large neutral or pastel-coloured carpet that covers the entire sleeping area, which consists of the bed and the bedside tables. Make sure that the carpet sticks out of all three sides of the bed by at least 50 centimetres.

The beds Reginald and Romeo by Chelini, with their fineness and clean shapes, are the stars of beautiful luxury bedrooms.


modern pretty beautiful bedroom

Modern pretty bedrooms: Romeo (Chelini)


Modern pretty bedrooms: Reginald

Modern pretty bedrooms: Reginald (Chelini)


If you wish to enrich your bedroom with a little parlour, the soft Mimosa Cocktail Chair by Chelini is the perfect item for creating an intimate spot beside the bed in which you can cocoon yourself before starting your day.


contemporary amazing bedroom

The soft Mimosa Cocktail Chair with Reginald bed (Chelini)


The creations included in the collection designed by Florentine architect Michele Bönan for Chelini convey a vaguely vintage minimalist modernity that suits well a modern and minimalistic bedroom furniture.


Beautiful luxury classical bedrooms

In a large room with a tall ceiling and an adequate floor area, a classical style with the addition of a few antiques is the best solution in order to adorn the bedroom with elegance without weighing it down.

With its sinuous-shaped furniture that conveys a timeless charm, far from passing trends, a classical beautiful luxury bedroom bursts with an old-time magical allure.

You will be able to furnish dreamy classical bedrooms with the creations by the Florentine company Chelini that can recreate the style of the residences of the time.

From the dressing tables popular in France during the 18th century, to the wood and fabric benches, to the Neoclassical carved wood chests of drawers, to the console table with artisanal finishes, the catalogue Chelini 1898 is rich in fascinating solutions recalling the style of old-time aristocratic residences.


dreamy classical bedroom


The canopy bed by Chelini, a welcoming yet majestic furnishing accessory with a strong personality, gives a dash of refinement, poetry and charm to the bedroom. With its elaborate structure and its intriguing contrast between white and dove-grey, the item No. 441/1 of the Chelini catalogue provides an intimate and fascinating shelter. A bed of this kind is advisable if you want the sleeping area to be the focal point of the room.


bed french style


You will find a wide range of canopy beds with a Venetian-style carved wood headboard and a luxurious capitonné padding with velvet upholstery in the catalogue Chelini 1898.

A dreamy bedroom with internal bathroom is an elegant and practical solution. Chelini offers a charming bathroom console with a carved wood mirror and a Corian built-in sink, crafted with an old technique and a silver finish.
Can you resist these fascinating 18th century style pieces of furniture? Chelini’s creations are in line with the ideals of classicism, elegance and fine carving typical of Florentine art.

Moreover, a bench or a chest in front of the bed lends a pleasant sense of tidiness and warmth to the room and makes it even more welcoming. Make sure it is pleasing to the eye by leaving at least one metre of clear space between the wall and the chest.


blue bed with library


Are you looking for more ideas for a state-of-the-art classical or modern bedroom? Let the Maison Chelini catalogues inspire you and contact us for a tailor-made consultancy.