Classic and modern bookcases: style and sophistication for your luxury furnishings

By 26 July 2023Furniture

When it comes to classic and modern bookcases, Chelini’s catalog stands apart in the world of luxury furnishings. For over a century, the Florentine maison has been a benchmark for those seeking meticulously crafted furnishings. Each Chelini bookcase is a unique piece, designed to add character and personality to any setting. Chelini bookcases strike a perfect balance between classic and modern forms, adaptable to any furnishing style.

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Let’s look at how to choose the right bookcase for every need, one that pairs perfectly with any style from classic to minimal modern.

Classic Solid Wood Bookcases

Chelini’s classic solid wood bookcases are a tribute to timeless elegance. These majestic pieces are often embellished with finely hand-carved inlays that showcase the natural beauty of the wood. Each bookcase is finished with precision and craftsmanship, highlighting the hues and textures of the wood used, which varies in type, color, and finish depending on the model.

In addition to the types of wood, the styles of the classic bookcases crafted by Chelini’s artisans vary greatly, ranging from clean and simple lines to the more ornate Rococo-inspired ones, enriched with artistic details and sculptures.

Among the classic bookcases in the Chelini 1898 catalog,  article 1270  stands out as ideal for accentuating a sophisticated classic living area. Made of solid black wood, this bookcase is perfect for housing a rich collection of books and documents, with two doors and two glass cabinets. The entire structure is finely carved and worked, and the crafted feet and final volutes give a timeless charm to this important dark-toned furniture piece.

libreria nera: articolo 1270

For spaces where a light-colored furnishing style is necessary,  article 1239 is noteworthy, an open Rococo-style bookcase made of white deco solid wood. Its carvings and decorations throughout the structure and its four convenient shelves, along with the curved and slender legs, make it unique and perfect for both a sophisticated classic living room and a study.

libreria: articolo 1239

To enrich a classic living room with a functional but impactful bookcase, article 2174 is the ideal solution. Its main feature is the sumptuous frame made of carved solid black wood. This frame encloses a light oak wood structure with adjustable shelves, perfect for adapting to any need. This elegant furnishing from the Chelini 1898 collection is the perfect solution for a classic living room with a chic and sophisticated note.


libreria nera: articolo 2174

To best integrate technological elements with a classic furnishing style, Chelini has thought of a piece that maintains the characteristics of a traditional large furniture piece but with dedicated space for a TV monitor.

Article  2174tv is made up of a structure in white lacquered solid wood enriched by neoclassical-style carvings and decorations. This significant frame leaves room, in the central area, for the TV monitor, while the base houses a convenient bookshelf.

mobile tv: articolo 2174TV

Modern Designer Bookcases

Chelini’s modern bookcases are a celebration of contemporary design. Characterized by clean and geometric lines, these distinctive furnishing elements are made of wood in combination with other materials like glass and metal, creating appealing contrasts and an ultramodern atmosphere without sacrificing elegance.

In collaboration with designer Michele Bönan, Chelini has created a line of modern-style furniture, always using top-quality materials and minimalist lines that enhance the beauty of the wood while ensuring maximum practicality.

A perfect example is  article 5027 , a two-shelf bookcase with clean lines that extend horizontally. Made of decapé oak wood with bronze-colored metal feet and details, this bookcase fully highlights the wood’s grain, and with its design, it’s the perfect furnishing complement for a welcoming minimal living room, also suitable for enriching a design study.

mobile 5027

Unlike the previous model,  article 5020 is characterized by its verticality. Its dimensions make it a square-based bookcase that develops in height, perfect for use in grouped modules or as a standalone element within the living area. The structure is made of dark decapé oak wood with a silver metal base and is articulated with four shelves perfect for housing books of any kind. A unique detail is the customizable metal letter at the top of the bookcase, allowing it to be used as a thematic container.

 mobile 5020

Refined, elegant, and with minimalist lines, the Ludo bookcase from the Chelini Firenze collection impresses with its discreet yet scenic appearance.

Created in collaboration with designer Filippo Montaina, Ludo perfectly adapts as a decorative element in any contemporary space. The external structure is made of satin brass, while the metal shelves are finished with dark powder coating. Moreover, the choice of colors for the structure and shelf painting makes it ideal for various needs.

Visit the Chelini Firenze Contemporary catalog for more information on available colors and finishes.


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