Classic dining tables: luxury and elegance in the Italian tradition

By 21 April 2023Furniture
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Classic dining tables have always been an essential element of the living area. They are the beating heart of the home, the place where the family gathers and where guests are welcomed to share flavours and emotions. And this is precisely why the choice of dining table becomes a central theme, to give the living area the right style. These luxurious and elegant furnishings bring a chic and sophisticated atmosphere to the living room, as well as being a lasting investment that will enhance the look of the entire home. A classic dining table, with an evergreen design, is capable of crossing time and fashions, always remaining current and full of charm.

The elegant classic wooden dining tables proposed by Chelini are perfect to embellish and give a touch of elegance to the dining room.

The Florentine maison, in fact, thanks to its skilful handcrafted production made in Italy, offers classic style dining tables, able to adapt to various contexts, from neoclassical to rococo, with a wide range of materials, finishes and shapes.

Each product is skilfully handcrafted by expert artisans to ensure that each piece of furniture is unique.

Let’s see how to choose the classic dining table that perfectly matches the style of the entire home.

Elegant dining tables: solid wood and fine materials

Choosing a classic style dining table is the ideal solution for creating an elegant and refined atmosphere in the living area, as well as adding charm to the entire home. There are many aspects to consider when choosing a luxury and elegant dining table, starting with the style, which must be in perfect harmony with the general context of the environment in which it will be placed. Another fundamental aspect is the choice of shape and materials, as well as finishes.

Chelini proposes a wide range of classic style dining tables made of precious materials and with handcrafted workmanship, capable of adapting to various styles in order to satisfy every need.

A perfect example of an elegant dining table is certainly article 1261. This is a rectangular wooden dining table in neoclassical style, made with four legs crafted in antique grey wood and a dark walnut solid wood top. The colour contrast between the light wood base and the dark top with matt finish makes this table perfect for an elegant, refined and timeless ambience.

designer table


Article 2145 +Top 6000 is the perfect choice for your classic style dining table, elegant yet impressive thanks to the exceptional work of the wood inlays. In fact, this rectangular solid wood table is made with four dark wooden legs worked with classical motifs and a walnut top characterised by a series of decorations made of wooden inlays, which echo the colour of the four legs.

tavolo shabby chic: Art. 2145 + Top Art. 6000

Also refined and impressive is article 1231, an oval table in solid black wood with a finely worked base with grooves and scrollwork. Thanks to its soft and elegant shape, it is certainly a dining table that will impress with its elegant presence. Its dark colour blends perfectly with classically-inspired environments, where the dark tones of the dining table are well balanced by a bright context.

dining table 1231

With its colour contrast, Article 2142 is a classic solid wood dining table that combines elegance with timeless design. Its four legs are made of finely worked dark wood and carved to give the typical Rococo arcuate shape, while the rectangular top is made of solid mahogany.

tavolo pranzo 2142

Classic dining tables: luxurious and refined furnishing styles

For a luxurious and refined furnishing style, characterised by sophisticated furniture and made of precious materials, Chelini offers a series of truly breathtaking classic dining tables in various shapes and materials and different designs.

Article 2211 is definitely a classic dining table with a strong scenic impact. In fact, this very refined round dining table is characterised by a skilfully crafted wooden base with leaf motifs completely covered in gold. The top is made of an elegant black glass that gives just the right contemporary touch to this sumptuous classic dining table. Thanks to its 145 cm diameter top, this dining table is the perfect star of a luxurious and refined dining room.

tavolo pranzo 2211

Another perfect example of a sumptuous designer table is the article 1275+ top 6000. This square dining table is made with a finely worked antique white deco wood base with neoclassical motifs. To add a further touch of elegance, the grey-coloured wooden top is decorated with wooden inlays in the same colour as the base.

tavolo pranzo 1275

Refined and impressive, article 362 is a round dining table that captivates with its combination of elegance and refined luxury. The base is made of finely worked white lacquered wood, with a design inspired by nature, thanks to the petals that seem to support the top. The latter, in transparent glass, is the perfect element to highlight the beauty of the base and embellish a classic and refined dining room.

luxury dining table plate glass

Looking for the perfect classic-style dining table? Browse our online catalogues and be inspired by the timeless creations of the Chelini maison. Shapes, colours, sizes, finishes and materials can be customised to suit your needs. Contact us for a quote.