Classic home furnishings: our selection of timeless pieces

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classic home furnishings

There are timeless classic home furnishings that stand above passing trends and preserve their allure over time. Renowned Florentine brand Chelini offers luxury handcrafted pieces of furniture and furnishing accessories, from dressing tables, to console tables, to guéridons, to chandeliers.

Historical Florentine brand Chelini manufactures home furnishings that have a classical flavour and fresh and sober processing and finishing.

Our prestigious Tuscan Maison is the expression of a refined classical antiquity characterised by the craftsmen’s knowledge and expertise that have made Florentine workshops world-famous since the Renaissance. Chelini is committed to constant transformation and looks towards innovation, which modernises its traits and enriches our selection with elegant blends by borrowing elements from the field of design.

Chelini has become world-renowned for its carvings finished down to the last detail and offers classical luxury furniture for a home with an immortal classical soul, aimed at a high-profile clientele.

Our selection is a patchwork of collections with a dash of exclusivity which makes every single creation unique, born from several inspirations that become the starting point for the Florentine company’s perfect evolution.

Here is a detailed overview.

Classic home furnishings

A classical design, sophisticated colours and sinuous lines lend a hint of timeless allure to the interiors. Let’s find out which classical pieces of furniture will never go out of fashion.

Console tables

The console table is one of the evergreen classical pieces of furniture. If embellished with the right ornaments and lit by elegant table lamps, it can become the focal point of any room. When small and featuring a thin outline, it can be easily placed in the hall or the corridor. You can use the drawers to put away your house keys or car key, your sunglasses, your coin purse or anything you wish to find without effort. The Chelini catalogues include a wide selection of classical and retro style console tables that don’t indulge in current trends, but rather they honour the history of design.

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classic home furnishings: luxury console tables 


Upon customer request or from archive designs, Chelini handcrafts artistic boiseries, that are complete claddings which can increase the potential of any room with amazing results.

Round tables

Whether it’s made of plate glass or wood, a round table with classical sinuous lines is the perfect solution for a square dining room. Also suitable for small rooms, one-legged tables can hold more chairs as there are no legs in the way.


classic home furnishings: round table



The guéridon is a small round one-legged table. Its strong point is that it can be placed either in the corners or at the centre of the room to furnish particularly large locations. It’s some sort of wild card that harmoniously integrates into any room, by matching it or contrasting it and adding an intriguing dash of design.


A sofa with elegant and sumptuous lines is a symbol of the past taste and an essential element in a living room furnished in classical style. A classical sofa lends warmth and genuine elegance to the room. It’s the essence of an elegant living room.


classical furniture: pink sofas urban style


Dumb waiters

Sophisticated and practical, a dumb waiter, also known as food or tea trolley, is a must-have classical piece of furniture. The dumb waiter, a silent spectator of upper class lunches and dinners, never loses its appeal. Precious, adorned or minimalist, a food trolley can be easily placed between the sofas or next to the glass showcase, and adds a coquettish hint to the entire room.

Lamps and chandeliers

The type of lighting and the light intensity decisively contribute to defining the style and atmosphere you wish to lend to your home. The Tuscan Maison Chelini offers a wide selection of lamps, perfect for embellishing console tables and antique dressers, such as Art. 431, with a solid wood lampshade decorated and carved by the skilful hands of highly qualified engravers, available on demand with various decorations. The Chelini catalogue also includes a wide range of beautifully made chandeliers, such as Art. 600, a 10-light chandelier with a white déco carved wood frame.


The bergère, a well-known armchair that first appeared in France in the 18th century, is the most classical reading chair and has got a tall and soft backrest, wide and slightly protruding armrests, a comfortable seat and a high-quality wood inner structure.

Sideboards and glass showcases

Whether it’s tall, short, with glass doors or entirely made of wood, a sideboard is a fundamental piece of furniture in a classical style dining room, with engraved, applied or painted ornaments. A retro style sideboard or glass showcase can add a dash of charm to the room and can also be placed in the kitchen. Elegant durmast sideboards are available in the Chelini furniture catalogue.


classic home furnishings: sideboards and glass showcases

Classic italian furniture: the bedroom

A subtle balance between sinuous lines, inlays, sophisticated colours and lavish fabric drapes transforms a classical bedroom into a triumph of enchanting simplicity. The classic italian furniture blends harmoniously and creates an elegant and refined style, designed down to the last detail and embellished with fine fabrics, such as cotton, wool and velvet, and noble materials, such as brass and hand-finished wood, according to the Florentine tradition.

Therefore, for a classical bedroom we suggest you choose a bed with a tall wooden or framed headboard, featuring inlays and capitonné effect.


classic home furnishings: elegant bedrooms


An antique dresser with a Provençal flavour is essential in a classical bedroom and can also be used in the living room as cupboard or TV cabinet to add a dash of personality to the interiors.


golden console table


Mirrors and dressing tables used to be rare items. Nowadays, their exclusivity marries even with modern homes, often working as a very decorative focal point that lends dynamism to the interior space. So, green light to mirrors with frames enriched with inlays and ornaments.


classic furniture: mirrors


Another must-have classical piece of furniture is the settimino, a pretty seven-drawer chest for putting away your jewellery and linen tidily.

Classic italian furniture: Chelini 1898

Chelini 1898, the Florentine company’s historical collection, strongly inspired by classicism, includes total looks with a classical and timeless charm. From the lighting, to the pieces of furniture, to the padded furniture, to the beds: you will definitely find creations that convey a unique elegance.

Classical outdoor furniture

The materiality and the style typical of the classical savoir-faire also find expression in the outdoors. Maison Chelini offers an innovative outdoor line featuring exclusive classical creations. The Florentine company has indeed launched a collection entirely dedicated to the outdoors by drawing on the handicraft tradition’s heritage of knowledge and fine manufacturing. The collection consists of sofas, armchairs, tables, chaise longues and small tables made of mahogany and featuring elegant floral carvings.

Browse our catalogues and contact us for further information. We will be glad to provide a consultancy and find the best solution together. Moreover, we wish to remind you of the exclusive possibility to customise any detail.