Classic sofas: discover comfort and pleasure to the eye

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classic sofa

The undisputed star of the living room, an elegant classic sofa is a piece of furniture that must be chosen after careful evaluation. Don’t make hasty decisions and don’t act impulsively.

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The sofa is an irreplaceable element of the living room as both relaxation and domestic conviviality revolve around it. It’s very important to choose the right sofa since it’s one of the most used pieces of furniture at home and is most likely going to be a part of your daily life for several years. Do not let passing trends influence you. Choose the most appropriate sofa after careful evaluation.


classic sofa style

Chelini classic sofa is an irreplaceable element of the living room as both relaxation and domestic conviviality.


Chelini, a renowned Florentine furniture brand characterised by an exquisite classical mark, is constantly evolving and always searching for a new inspiration and new influences. Chelini offers numerous possibilities for furnishing your living room with elegant classic sofas, crafted from fine materials and sturdy structures, by following the Made in Italy philosophy which has made our country world famous.

Established in 1898 and internationally recognised, Chelini Firenze is a historic company that has succeeded in combining the Tuscan handicraft tradition and the constant research of new lines and a new inspiration, in order to offer exclusive and custom-made creations for every need.

By choosing Chelini we guarantee you will be sitting on beautifully-made elegant classic sofas, resulting from expertise, craftsmanship, authentic passion, meticulous attention to detail and constant research of the perfect balance between comfort, design, functionality and pleasure to the eye.


classic sofas in dwelling house

Chelini classic sofas in dwelling house


It is advisable to pay a great deal of attention when choosing a sofa as there is a wide range on the market. Let’s find out the main types of classic sofas available on the market and their effect when placed in a living room.

Elegant classic sofa

A large floor area, wide open spaces and a sumptuous sofa as pièce de résistance are the key elements in a classical style living room. In the field of interior design, a light-coloured elegant classic sofa can be compared to the little black dress in women’s fashion: an essential piece.


Classic elegant sofa in light color

Classic elegant sofa in light color (Chelini)


We must point out the gorgeous sofa No. 1262, handcrafted by the skilled Florentine artisans of Chelini Firenze ateliers. It’s a unique piece of furniture with an elegant and classical flavour. The Florentine brand Chelini in fact creates typically classical shapes and modernises them without distorting their true essence.


classic sofa 1262

classic sofa, art.1262 Chelini


Chesterfield classic sofa

With their simple yet majestic style, Chesterfield sofas first became popular at the most fashionable clubs in London during the 19th century. Distinguished by round arms, a low backrest and capitonné technique, Chesterfield classic sofas are a symbol of an exquisitely British classical style and perfectly integrate into the main area of any living room. Sturdy and durable, Chesterfield sofas are also available in more modern and original versions, decorated with flag or quilt patterns.


divani classici chesterfield dettaglio

Chesterfield classic sofa (Chelini)



Classical corner sofas

Classical corner sofas are an excellent choice if you are looking for harmony, balance and elegance for your living room. Classical corner sofas are perfect for big families and suitable for large and spacious living rooms.

With a sofa of this kind you will be able to clearly organise very large living rooms, without having to insert dividing walls, screens and other furnishing accessories. This way you will combine functionality, style and convenience. Corner sofas in fact work both as separation and connection by clearly defining the different areas of the living room, yet keeping them smoothly connected. With the best Italian handcrafted corner sofas you can create an intimate little parlour in your living room, in which you will be able to relax and entertain your guests while keeping a smooth connection with the rest of the room.

Such a big and voluminous sofa is not suitable for small rooms, as it might take up almost all of the room available.

Elegant classical two seater sofas

Classical two seater sofas are furnishing accessories that highly contribute to the aesthetics of the location and have always been appreciated in large classical living rooms, but also in contrast with industrial and contemporary style living rooms.


classic sofa two seater

Classical two seater sofas (Chelini)


Classical fabric sofas

Nothing conveys more class, fineness and elegance than classical fabric sofas, available in the two or three seater version, with wood edging, Provençal padding or fabrics and manufactured with capitonné technique. A classical velvet sofa is the quintessence of charm. Resistant velvet, damask, lampas, cotton and linen lend delicacy to a classy and timeless sofa.


classic fabric sofa

Classic fabric sofa (Chelini)


The Tuscan company Chelini has always paid great attention to the evolving trends in the field of interior design and is constantly and thoroughly searching for the best fabrics. It is in fact no surprise that the company has had important collaborations with the most prestigious brands in the field.

Moreover, a cotton or linen sofa has clear advantages. First of all, it is easy to clean and, for the versions with a removable cover, it is sufficient to take the upholstery and pillowcases off and machine wash them at a low temperature: they’ll be as good as new. A fabric sofa is versatile and easy to renovate. If you wish to change colour or fabric, you can choose a new upholstery.

If you have got four-legged friends, we suggest you choose a sofa with an adequately resistant upholstery, such as strong stain-resistant synthetic microfibre, chenille or corduroy.


classic sofa in industrial style home

classic sofa in industrial style home (Chelini)


Classical chaise longue sofas

A classical chaise longue sofa is a particular sofa with one of the seats especially designed to support one’s legs. Unlike other sofas, on a classical chaise longue sofa you will be able to lie comfortably and fully enjoy your relaxing time with the family.
Since this kind of sofa is usually less voluminous than a corner sofa, it is also suitable for small, narrow, rectangular or even irregularly-shaped living rooms.


chaise longue etro fabric

Chaise longue (Etro fabric, Chelini)


Classical modular sofas

Classical modular sofas consist of two or more stand-alone units that, when placed side by side, form one single piece, thus optimising the room available. Modular sofas, also known as sectional sofas, can be matched with a pouffe and a chaise longue, and will have different shapes depending on how you decide to combine the units. With bigger sections you will be able to obtain a U- or L-shaped two or three seater sofa.


elegant classic sofa

Elegant classic sofa (Chelini)


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