Classic, elegant and luxurious wooden sideboards

By 17 January 2024Furniture
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Classic wooden sideboards are an essential element in tastefully furnishing the living area of a luxurious home. Indeed, wooden sideboards add elegance and sophistication both in the lounge area and in the dining room, in a perfect blend of functionality and elegance of form. The products of the Chelini brand, a leader in the creation of luxury furnishings, are perfect for enhancing any type of environment, from living rooms to classic and sophisticated dining rooms. The Florentine maison includes in its catalogs true one-of-a-kind pieces, made of various types of wood and with precious finishes detailed to perfection that will satisfy every need, adapting to different contexts and styles of furnishing.

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Let’s see together how to choose the classic solid wood sideboard that best suits every need and that is in perfect harmony with the classic and refined style of the home.

Classic and elegant solid wood sideboards

The design of the classic wooden sideboards in the Chelini 1898 collection recalls the decorative art style of the late nineteenth century, where precious woods are expertly matched with carvings and precious finishes. Made of fine solid wood, indeed, even the details are crafted with artisanal skill and meticulously cared for: inlays of precious wood, floral motifs, carved panels, and finishes in gold or silver create a visual effect of great aesthetic impact, capable of perfectly enhancing the different environments of the luxury home. The classic wooden sideboards can be placed in different parts of the house, such as in the entrance area to welcome guests, or in the dining room to display fine porcelain or crystal, or in the living room as a central element to embellish the living area.

A perfect example of a classic sideboard that combines soft lines with refined details is the  article 2098, an elegant sideboard made of black solid wood with a classic style. Its sinuous shapes, in fact, are emphasized by the black wood and the natural wood-colored top. The three small drawers are highlighted by a silver band and the presence of three small classic-style handles for easy opening. With its elegant and minimal lines, this sideboard is perfect for furnishing any type of environment, from classic to contemporary.

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Elegant and sophisticated, the article 2153 is a perfect sideboard for furnishing a rococo-style lounge. Made of ash-colored solid wood and embellished with inlays and silver finishes, this sideboard consists of three compartments in the central part and three small drawers located under the dark stone top. The Chelini maison has paid attention to every detail of this sideboard, from the finishes of the curved legs to the keys and knobs for opening the various shelves and drawers, to ensure a product that meets expectations.

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For those who want a sideboard that has the right spaces to display fine ceramics, the  article 2153v is the perfect choice. This Venetian-style sideboard is made of solid wood with ink finishes and embellished with tonal inlays and decorations. To add a touch of color, the bottom of the shelf area is lined with a classic blue and white themed decoration. In addition, thanks to its three compartments in the central part and the three upper shelves, this sideboard is perfect for enhancing the living area of a luxury home in a classic style.

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Elegant and impactful, the l’ article 1274 is a showcase sideboard of contained dimensions but cared for in every detail. Made of oak wood with precious inlays both on the main panels and in the upper part, the main feature of this sideboard is the presence of a showcase in the upper part, which divides the furniture into two areas: the lower part is dedicated to two spacious compartments, and the upper part divided into four shelves protected by an elegant two-door glass cabinet. The use of solid oak wood for the entire structure makes this sideboard bright and refined, perfect for enhancing a classic-style living area.

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For lovers of neoclassical style, article 2149 is the perfect choice. This showcase sideboard is made of solid wood with ink finish embellished with carvings and neoclassical style decorations. The uniqueness of this piece of furniture is given by the presence of a mirror finish inserted on the bottom of the upper part. This detail makes it also perfect for inclusion in a sleeping area, both as a sideboard and as a dressing table, thanks also to the two convenient lower shelves and the handy central drawer.

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