Elegant furniture: unforgettable sophistication for your interiors

By 11 September 2019Furniture, News
tavoli da pranzo di design

Chelini operates in the field of elegant luxury furniture in typical Florentine style, and has manufactured unique and majestic pieces since it was founded in 1898, not only in terms of size but especially for the elegance of the traits and the attention to detail, which can transform the art of hand carving into a true masterpiece.

Here below is an overview of the creations by Chelini, a symbol of the Made in Italy industry at international level.


libreria: articolo 1239

Art. 1239

libreria: articolo 2129

Art. 2129

vetrina: articolo 1274

Art. 1274

cassettone: articolo 1153

Art. 1153

cassettone: articolo 1219

Art. 1219

mobile 5021

Art. 5021

comodino: articolo 1227

Art. 1227

libreria nera: articolo 1249

Art. 1249

cassettone nero: articolo 1263

Art. 1263

libreria nera: articolo 1270

Art. 1270

console scrivania bianca: articolo 2081

Art. 2081

cassettone decapè antico: articolo 2116

Art. 2116

libreria nera: articolo 2174

Art. 2174

mobile tv: articolo 2174TV

Art. 2174TV

mobile 2208

Art. 2208

credenza nera: articolo 2098

Art. 2098

mobile 2149

Art. 2149

mobile 2150

Art. 2150

mobile 2153

Art. 2153

mobile 2153V

Art. 2153V

mobile 5028

Art. 5028

mobile 5019

Art. 5019

mobile 5020

Art. 5020

mobile 5027

Art. 5027

mobile 5026

Art. 5026


divano 2107

Art. 2107

poltrona 1009_G

Art. 1009_G

sedia 541

Art. 541

sedia 540

Art. 540

divano 2112

Art. 2112

poltrona 1009

Art. 1009

poltrona 2118

Art. 2118

sedia grigia: articolo 2131

Art. 2131

sedia wenge: articolo 2158

Art. 2158

divano 1262

Art. 1262

poltrona 1200

Art. 1200

poltrona 2134

Art. 2134

divano 2148

Art. 2148

poltrona 2154_rovere

Art. 2154

sedia 892-G

Art. 892-G

sedia 1191

Art. 1191

sedia 2063

Art. 2063

sedia 332

Art. 332

sedia 1045

Art. 1045

sedia 1128

Art. 1128

sedia 2175

Art. 2175

sedia 5500_3

Art. 5500_3

divano 5500_1

Art. 5500_1

sedia 5001

Art. 5001

sedia 5002impagliata

Art. 5002

sedia 5003

Art. 5003

sedia 5016

Art. 5016

sedia 5017

Art. 5017

sedia 5025

Art. 5025

sedia 5500_2

Art. 5500_2

divano 5000

Art. 5000


Coffee tables

tavolino 1141

Art. 1141


Art. 1139

tavolo salotto 1247

Art. 1247

tavolo salotto 1138

Art. 1138

tavolo salotto 150

Art. 150

Immagini 2460

Art. 2460

tavolo salotto 571

Art. 571

tavolo salotto 740_P

Art. 740_P

tavolo salotto 768

Art. 768

tavolo salotto 1085

Art. 1085

tavolo salotto 1188

Art. 1188

tavolo salotto 2061_p

Art.  2061_pv

tavolo salotto 1024

Art. 1024

tavolo salotto 1043

Art. 1043

tavolo salotto 1073

Art. 1073

tavolo salotto 2061

Art. 2061v

tavolo salotto 2094

Art. 2094

tavolo salotto 2099

Art. 2099

tavolo salotto 2119+6000

Art. 2119 + top 6000

tavolo salotto 2203

Art. 2203

tavolo salotto 2204

Art. 2204

tavolo 5005

Art. 5005

tavolo 5006

Art. 5006

tavolo 5007

Art. 5007

tavolo 5007_G

Art. 5007_G

tavolo 5007_P

Art. 5007_P

tavolo 5008

Art. 5008

tavolo 5010

Art. 5010

tavolo 5012

Art. 5012

tavolo 5013

Art. 5013

mobile 5022

Art. 5022

tavolo 5030

Art. 5030

tavolo 5501_P

Art. 5501_P

Dining tables

tavolo pranzo legno massello 1231

Art. 1231

tavolo pranzo 204

Art. 204 + top art. 6003

tavolo pranzo 204+top

Art. 204 + top art. 6000

tavolo pranzo 362

Art. 362

tavolo pranzo 828

Art. 828 + top art. 6002

tavolo pranzo 1012

Art. 1012 + Top Art. 6010

tavolo pranzo 1074

Art. 1074

tavolo pranzo 1081

Art. 1081

tavolo pranzo piano tinto noce chiaro 1145

Art. 1145 + Top art. 6004

tavolo pranzo 1145+6016

Art. 1145 + top 6016

tavolo pranzo 1259

Art. 1259

tavolo pranzo 1261

Art. 1261

tavolo pranzo 1261+6000

Art. 1261 + top 6000

tavolo pranzo 1275

Art. 1275 + top Art. 6000

tavolo pranzo 2130

Art. 2130

tavolo pranzo 2142

Art. 2142

tavolo pranzo 2145 + 6000

Art. 2145 + top 6000

tavolo pranzo 2152

Art. 2152

tavolo pranzo 2152+6014

Art. 2152 + top 6014

tavolo pranzo 2152+6017

Art. 2152 + top 6017

tavolo pranzo 2211

Art. 2211


scrivania 1277

Art. 1277

scrivania 1047 nera

Art. 1047

scrivania 1171

Art. 1171

scrivania 2133

Art. 2133

scrivania 2135

Art. 2135

tavolo 5015

Art. 5015

Chelini, a Florentine company that produces handcrafted luxury furniture and furnishing accessories, tells about a classical world that is faithful to the standards of the Tuscan handicraft tradition, and yet is inspired by the present, with a superlative planning and aesthetic sensitivity that highlights luxury in its most authentic form.

Maison Chelini is deeply rooted in the Tuscan handicraft tradition, and yet, while remaining faithful to a refined classical foundation, it’s committed to constant renovation. Classic methods and modern materials are the main elements used by Chelini to produce unique, durable and elegant furniture, in collaboration with the most famous names of contemporary design.


Elegant furniture: interior design masterpieces

Elegant furniture is more than just mere pieces of furniture. It consists of works of art that enshrine ideas, emotions and traditions.

Classicism and modernity blend harmoniously into an elegant location. Classical inspirations, sophisticated decorations, inlays, references to tradition and a few designer items placed in a strategic position can make any house glamorous, even small-sized ones.

True furniture gems with unprecedented shapes, fine materials, lines and finishes in contemporary style marry with the classic style refinement, and the house becomes a miniature world to explore, room after room, in which to savour elegance in its multifaceted expressions.

Elegant fittings is characterised by high quality and excellent workmanship, as well as the use of exquisite cloths and wonderful fabrics, which combine classicism, elegance and creative sophistication, resulting in a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, including:

  • silk;
  • velvet;
  • linen;
  • satin;
  • leather;
  • brocade.

It’s not unusual to find haute couture fabrics matched with majestic furniture in elegant locations. The tactile sensation of fine materials such as silk, linen, satin and velvet merges with the brightness of the colours.

Great attention to detail

We scrupulously take care of every detail, from the purchase of wood to the handmade finishes of every single creation. The master craftsmen at Maison Chelini process the wood daily by using their hands and little else, and manufacture unique, exclusive and elegant furniture. The covering and stuffing procedures are carried out in full respect of the oldest Florentine tradition.

Neutral colours

Neutral nuances from grey to sand are the most suitable for an elegant location. We suggest you choose one or two main neutral colours at most and only vary their shades, and let a more intense colour, such as blue, purple or black, break the room’s homogeneity. This will lend an irresistible charm to the rooms.

The focal point

Every room should have a clear and precise focal point that draws attention to it at first sight. Some examples? A striking piece of furniture, a fireplace or a lamp with an unusual design.

The lighting

The lighting lends a scenographic, majestic and lavish nature to elegant locations. So, green light to chandeliers, floor lamps, designer lamps and table lamps with fabric lampshades.

Less is more

“Less is more” is the new rule of elegance. Aim for a tidy, minimalist room with few refined, tasteful, high-quality and elegant pieces of furniture. Chaos doesn’t belong to an elegant house. Cluttering every room with worthless furnishing accessories, also aesthetically speaking, will greatly limit the space available and won’t contribute to making your house more beautiful.


Furniture for elegant dining rooms

An elegant dining room is a triumph of fascinating simplicity, and is based on a refined balance between sober nuances, a smooth design and attention to detail. The surfaces must be well-balanced, and it’s essential that all elements are harmoniously connected or, conversely, that they create pleasant contrasts.

Let’s find out which are the must-haves for an elegant dining room.

The table

A dining table combines functionality and elegance by adapting to different furnishing solutions. Green light to warm and welcoming golden details, and silver details, which, if well-measured, will lend a dash of style to the dining room and embellish it with a glamorous touch.

The dining chairs

The dining chairs don’t have to be the same style as the table. If this is the case, the best thing to do is to choose contrasting elements. For example, you could match an industrial style table characterised by clean lines with classic dining chairs that have got a padded seat and backrest, as well as armrests, space permitting. A solid-coloured carpet that matches the hue of the seats will provide the perfect balance, as far as both the colours and the senses are concerned.

The tea trolley

A tea trolley is a must-have in every elegant dining room, and it combines practicality, functionality and elegance. You can use it to serve the courses at lunch or dinner, and it can be placed next to the sofas or the sideboard afterwards.

The lighting

Proper lighting is fundamental in an elegant dining room. We suggest you place a basic light source next to the dining table, and other light sources in the surrounding area that contribute to creating an atmosphere. A designer lamp strikes one’s imagination and can completely change the harmony of the dining room. In this case, uniqueness is essential.


Elegant furniture for the living room

Here below is an overview of the must-have pieces of furniture for an elegant living room.

The sofa

A large sofa with a semiclassical shape, capitonné lining and padded armrests with Venetian corduroy on the sides, and silk ad viscose velvet topstitches spreads energy, elegance, brightness and purity.

The Florentine Maison Chelini has contributed to redefining the language of the art of living by transforming the sofa, once a supporting actor, into the protagonist of interior design. The Chelini 1898 catalogue includes a wide selection of padded furniture in neoclassical style, available in different sizes.

The bergère

A bergère is a famous armchair model that became popular in France in the 18th century. It’s the most classic of all reading chairs, and is characterised by a tall and soft backrest, wide and slightly protruding armrests and a comfortable seat.


Adding a mirror to the living room helps make it look bigger. A mirror surrounded by an artfully carved wooden frame radiates charm, gracefulness and elegance. If you wish to get an even more elegant effect, we suggest you opt for a sunburst frame in the shades of gold.

The fireplace

The fireplace, the king of the living room, warms up and livens up the place. Besides its shape and size, the materials and the finishes too can create surprising visual and material effects. Indeed, it’s an element that contains the key principles on which the concept of elegance is based, that is functionality, comfort and décor.

The wooden console table

An elegant living room is the ideal place for a wooden console table featuring charming details such as inlays, engravings and lines with a strong reference to the 18th century style.


Used as decorative elements in original arrangements, houseplants can add elegant motifs, textures and a touch of colour to the living room in a very natural way.