Classic and modern floor lamps for a touch of elegance and luxury

By 2 November 2023Furniture
lampada da terra dorata Chelini

Floor lamps are a fundamental design element for interior lighting, and particularly in luxurious spaces, they play a crucial role in creating the right atmosphere. From classic to minimal modern style, living room floor lamps are the perfect element to add character to the entire house, as well as to provide the right ambiance as evening falls. The products from the Chelini brand, a leader in the creation of luxury furnishings, are perfect for embellishing any type of environment, from the living room to the daytime area to the bedroom, in both classic and modern styles. The Florentine maison indeed includes truly unique pieces in its catalogs that will satisfy every type of need.


Let’s explore together how to choose the right floor lamp for every need and that harmonizes perfectly with the style of the home, from classic to minimal modern.

Classic floor lamps

The classic floor lamps from the Chelini maison are perfect for lighting living rooms or daytime areas with a refined, sophisticated taste that has a vintage flair. The floor lamps from the Chelini Firenze collection are made of solid wood with precious craftsmanship and carvings to enhance the beauty of the materials and classic shapes. Each floor lamp is handmade and meticulously detailed, from the base to the shade, to ensure an exquisite product that enhances any environment.

A perfect example is the  article 925, a sophisticated living room floor lamp with a classic soul but revisited in a contemporary key. The structure indeed recalls the classic metal candle holder at the base, worked and carved. The central part, on the other hand, is articulated like a sort of modern candle, with a white cylindrical body that supports the black conical shade. A perfect example of a blend between classic and contemporary.

lampada da terra: articolo 925

Classic but with a contemporary reinterpretation is also the article 2072/P, a living room floor lamp with a black wooden base reminiscent of classic stools. The base is articulated as a tripod with a lower shelf. The metallic stem supports the significant cylindrical shade in light fabric, contrasting with the dark base. With its 16 cm diameter shade and a height of 186 cm, this floor lamp is certainly excellent lighting for a classic living room, to be placed near sofas.

piantana design vintage 2072

Refined and with vintage touches, the floor lamp article 822 enchants with its retro design. This floor lamp is made with an oak wood structure lacquered in gold, with a shaped base and richly carved stem. The conical white fabric shade further enhances the rich decoration of the stem, for a sophisticated and elegant effect. With its 176 cm height, this classic floor lamp is perfect for illuminating the conversation area of a refined living room, but it is also perfectly suited as bedroom lighting.

piantana vintage 822

For its retro design, the floor lamp article 720 is perfect for lighting a classic living room with character. Made in cherry wood lacquered in gold, this lamp consists of a three-legged base, a small round shelf, and a central structure that supports the elegant conical shade in white fabric. Thanks to the presence of the central table and its dimensions, this floor lamp is ideal for illuminating a light-toned living area with vintage touches.

lampada da terra anni 70

Contemporary style floor lamps

The modern floor lamps from Chelini are a celebration of contemporary design. Characterized by clean and geometric lines, these designer floor lamps are made of lacquered metal, a material that allows playing with geometries and enhancing the modernity of the shapes without sacrificing elegance. The Chelini Firenze collection includes truly unique pieces, modern floor lamp designs capable of enhancing the minimal beauty of any environment.

In this perspective, the Rooky floor lamp fits perfectly. Made of glossy black lacquered metal, this designer lamp arises from a play of solids and voids of cylindrical shapes. The structure is shaped like a series of hollow cylinders stacked one on top of the other, supporting at the top a full cylinder that acts as a shade. With its dimensions (40 cm in diameter and 168 cm in height), it is perfect for illuminating a minimal design living room.

Piantane di design: Rooky

For spaces requiring a touch of color, the High floor lamp is certainly an ideal solution. The base, made of lacquered metal, is a hollow parallelepiped body that, at the top, supports the colored metal shade. The color of the shade is customizable to fit any modern interior design. The modest height of this floor lamp (76 cm) makes it suitable also to be placed over a low table.

Sophisticated, elegant, and at the same time essential, the modern Tube floor lamp is the perfect type of lighting for a minimal living room. This floor lamp from the Chelini Firenze collection is made of lacquered metal and consists of a flat base from which a smooth central metal stem rises. At the top of the stem, four tubular arms each house a light bulb. Essential and at the same time refined, its height of 180 cm makes Tube a perfect floor lamp for the daytime area.

Are you looking for the classic or modern floor lamp to match the style of your furnishings? Browse our online catalogs at and let yourself be inspired by the iconic creations of the Chelini maison. Shapes, colors, sizes, finishes, and materials can be customized to your needs. Contact us for a quote.