Luxury classic and modern armchairs

By 13 May 2024Furniture
Poltrone classiche di lusso Chelini

Classic and modern luxury armchairs are key details to complete the living area decor of an elegant home. Luxury armchairs add elegance and sophistication to the living room, perfectly combining comfort and form. The products of the Chelini brand, a leading company in the creation of luxury furniture, are perfect for embellishing any type of environment, from the living room to the bedroom, in both classic and modern styles. The Florentine maison includes in its catalogs exclusive pieces made of various types of wood and upholstery, with fine finishes and attention to the smallest details that will satisfy all kinds of needs, adapting to various furnishing styles.

Let’s explore how to choose the luxury armchair that best suits every need and harmonizes perfectly with the style of your home, whether classic or modern.

Elegant Classic Armchairs

The design of the classic luxury armchairs in the Chelini 1898 collection is inspired by neoclassical forms, revisited through the use of contemporary materials and finishes. This combination creates armchairs with timeless appeal, perfect for embellishing the classic living room or bedroom with taste and sophistication that never goes out of style.

A perfect example of a classic luxury armchair that combines soft lines with refined details is article 1009, an elegant and very comfortable armchair made with a solid black wood frame, featuring legs, armrests, and back decorated with tone-on-tone inlays. The cushions and various parts of the covers are made of hazelnut-colored fabric with a cream border, which harmonizes well with the solid wood. The color combination of this high-backed armchair is ideal for furnishing a neoclassical-style living room.

poltrona 1009

Sumptuous and unmistakably stylish, article 1200 is a luxurious armchair that does not go unnoticed. Made with a carved black solid wood frame, its curved legs and scrollwork on the armrests make it perfect for a neoclassical-style living room. The low back, seat, and cushions are upholstered in hazelnut fabric with a light border to create an elegant color contrast.

poltrona 1200

To embellish both living and sleeping areas, article 2154 is the perfect solution. This small armchair is made with a dark oak solid wood frame, where each component is finely decorated and carved. The wrap-around backrest, which also includes the armrests, and the soft seat cushion are upholstered in light blue fabric, giving a touch of brightness to this armchair that expertly combines classic forms and maximum comfort.

poltrona 2154_rovere

Another perfect solution for furnishing the sleeping area in classic style is the Giulia armchair, an elegant piece made with a glossy black lacquered wood frame. The absence of carvings on the legs and frame is balanced by the use of gray corduroy upholstery for both the back and seat. This combination gives the armchair a timeless appeal, fitting perfectly in both the living room and the bedroom.

poltroncina da camera tessuto: giulia

Modern Designer Armchairs

Modern luxury armchairs are a celebration of design. Chelini Firenze’s collection encompasses furnishings made in a contemporary and sophisticated style, where the choice of materials and attention to detail are the focal points of each luxury armchair, perfect for embellishing a modern living room. Additionally, Chelini’s collaboration with designer Michele Bönan has resulted in a collection featuring minimalist-style furniture, ideal for making a contemporary living room elegant and functional.

With its soft shapes and generous dimensions, the Paris armchair is perfect for furnishing a luxury living room with style and elegance. Made with a wooden frame and spherical feet in dark wood, it features softly shaped upholstery covered in elegant gray velvet. Like all Chelini products, this armchair is customizable and available in various colors and types of upholstery, from leather to fabric.

poltroncina da camera in tessuto: paris

The Yvan armchair is perfect for furnishing an elegant living room in a contemporary style with a nod to the classic. This armchair from the Chelini Firenze collection, made of dark mahogany wood, features upholstery covered in coral-colored velvet with light edges. The distinctive detail of this piece is the capitonné work on both the backrest and the seat, while the fabric color matches perfectly with the wood of the legs.

armchair yvan

For lovers of minimalist style, article 5500/3 is the perfect choice for furnishing the living room. This corner armchair, born from the collaboration between the Florentine maison and designer Michele Bönan, is made with a solid wood frame and strawwork. The seat and back are made comfortable by large cushions covered in white fabric.

upholstered armchair 5500-3

Looking for the classic or modern luxury armchair that’s perfect for decorating your home? Browse our online catalogs at Chelini Catalogs and be inspired by the iconic creations of the Chelini maison. Shapes, colors, sizes, finishes, and materials can be customized to suit your needs. Contact us for a quote.