Luxury dining tables: elegance reinterpreted in a contemporary way

By 21 December 2018News
tavoli da pranzo di design

Oval, square, rectangular or round, made of wood or plate glass, the table is the undisputed star of the dining room.

Discover the selection of luxury dining tables by prestigious Florentine brand Chelini for furnishing the living room and the dining room.

luxury dining table: art 1261

Art. 1261 + Table Top Art. 6000

tavolo da pranzo design 3

Art. 1261

luxury dining table: art 2145 top art 6000

Art. 2145 + Table Top Art. 6000

luxury table design: article 8162

Art. 828 + Table Top Art. 6002

luxury dining table: art 2142

Art. 2142

luxury dining table: art 2130

Art. 2130

luxury dining table: art 1145

Art. 1145 + Table Top Art. 6016

luxury dining table: art 204

Art. 204 + Table Top Art. 6003

Luxury dining tables with a soul

The luxury dining tables by Chelini, a historical Tuscan company that produces furniture and furnishing accessories, offer an indissoluble union of efficiency, stability and aesthetics.

Chelini manufactures fine furniture and furnishing accessories since 1898, thus contributing to spreading the “Made in Italy” elegance throughout the world. Thanks to highly-successful collaborations with the leading figures of contemporary architecture, including the Artefatto Design Studio in London and renowned architect Michele Bönan, the Chelini brand has become a symbol of designer furniture.

Produced according to the traditional Tuscan handicraft manufacturing techniques, Chelini’s creations are the result of a careful attention to detail, an accurate modelling study and finishes made by highly-experienced master craftsmen.

For Chelini’s team, which consists of skilfull designers, architects, artisans, technicians and decorators, manufacturing pieces of furniture is an art in which creativity, tradition and innovation balance harmoniously. The luxury dining tables by Chelini are not only aesthetically striking: they also have a soul that makes them unique and inimitable.

Designer tables are among the most important pieces of furniture of the house and are versatile items, around which families dine, friends have lunch, people chat and rediscover the pleasure of conviviality.

Luxury dining tables integrate perfectly into minimalist style rooms with basic lines, but they can also be placed, by way of contrast, in classic or ethnic style locations to lend a dash of uniqueness.

Here is some useful advice for finding the perfect table.

Luxury dining tables: the shape

The shape of the dining table depends on the space available in the room, as well as on other variables that have more to do with aesthetics and practicality. In the Chelini catalogue you will find:

  • round tables, which foster conviviality by eliminating the problem of hierarchy in the seating arrangement;
  • oval tables, which allow to make the best use of the space available and to obtain seats for a large number of guests;
  • square tables, which have a strong aesthetic impact;
  • rectangular tables, which allow to make the best use of corners and to seat a larger number of people without taking up further space.

The round table Cone by Chelini creates a cosy and very pleasant atmosphere, and matches the chairs Inga, which embellish the room even more.

luxury dining table cone and chairs

“Cone”, italian luxury high end dining table, and exclusive chairs “Inga”

Great contemporaneity and high-quality handicraft characterise the table Cube by Chelini. Moulded into elegant and simple shapes, with clean lines and sculptural volumes, it combines practicality with a captivating look.


designer dining table: cube

Luxury designer dining table: “Cube by Chelini”

Art. 1275+6000 from the Chelini catalogue is a square table with a 1.80 metre-side and is 76 centimetres off the ground. It’s a refined, robust and solid solution, suitable for adequate-sized rooms in order to avoid an overwhelming effect. Dimensions: 226 x 112 x 75 cm.
Also available in the round version (Art.1275 + 6000), dimensions 180 x 180 x 76 cm.


luxury dining table: art 1261

Art. 1261 + Top Art. 6000


luxury dining table: art 1275

Art. 1275 + Top Art.6000: luxury dining table

Italian luxury dining tables: the dimensions

Shape isn’t the only aspect you should consider when choosing a dining table. In order to make the time spent at the table not only pleasant but also comfortable, we suggest you leave approximately 40 centimetres in front of the table, and 60 centimetres per seat lengthways. Fundamentally, the table’s dimensions depend on the number of seats.

Consider the space available in the room. The ideal thing is to make sure that there is at least a 60-centimetre clear space around the dining table in order to facilitate the movements around it. We also suggest you leave at least 80 centimetres between the table and the walls of the room. Once you have chosen the position for the table and considered the number of seats you are going to need, you can determine the dining table’s dimensions so that it best suits your needs.

Moreover, it’s also essential to take height into account so that one can sit at the table comfortably. Dining tables are usually 73 to 77 centimetres off the ground. Before purchasing a dining table we suggest you try it with the chair set you wish to match it with, in order to find the perfect combination. The very original oval table Art. 176 with a peculiar finish that recalls wheat, for example, is exactly 200 centimetres long, 110 centimetres wide and 76 centimetres off the ground.

shaves of wheat dining table

Luxury dining table “Art.176”, with carved wooden base depicting wheat sheaves.

Italian dining table projects

The exclusive creations by Chelini highlight the effective and productive cooperation between designing, architecture and stylistic research, thus proving that functionality can develop from true works of art.

Chelini adds particular attention to innovation to artisanal manufacturing expertise by enriching its furniture collections with influences from the world of design.

Moreover, prestigious company Chelini can also meet any request for product customisation. Contact us now and we will get you in touch with the style department and the design department of Scandicci, Florence.

Designer dining table ideas: the materials

It’s fundamental to choose the right material in order to get the desired atmosphere. In the collections by Chelini you will find authentic and exclusive materials such as wood and pure plate glass.


Wooden luxury dining tables are among the most appreciated and popular. They lend a dash of glamour and sophistication to the dining room style, and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Wooden dining tables are versatile and multifaceted, and blend functionality and elegance by adapting to different furnishing solutions and integrating perfectly even into small rooms.

Wood is the most preferred material for rustic, country, Provence and shabby chic dining rooms. The type of decoration depends on the style, from the version au naturel for the rustic style, to pastel colours for the Provence style, to a pickled white finish, a must-have for a shabby chic style.


dark oak decape table

An excellent example of a wooden design table (dark decapè oak): art. 5024 -(Michele Bonan catalogue for CheliniBio Michele Bonan)

modern exclusive dining table: wooden

Plate glass

When it comes to luxury dining tables, plate glass and metal often go hand in hand, and convey a sense of tidiness, modernity and elegance, which are the underlying principles of minimalist style. Plate glass is the most suitable material for furnishing modern style rooms, in which design plans characterised by noncolours such as black and white mark every location.

In combination with metal, plate glass is a valid solution also for those who love the industrial style that recalls the atmosphere of New York City loft apartments. Choosing a material that is in complete contrast with the rest of the room could also be an original idea.

luxury dining table plate glass

Art. 362, plate glass luxury dining table. Dimensions: 140 cm diameter, 76 cm height.


If you have decided to purchase a designer dining table but you are not sure which model would be the most suitable for your living room, kitchen or dining room, contact us now for a customised consultancy.