Luxury tables: creations with a classical soul

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luxury tables

Luxury is the expression of a sober and sophisticated elegance, never exaggerated nor ordinary.

Luxury is quality, exclusivity and authenticity. This is precisely Chelini’s slogan, a prestigious “Made in Italy” furniture brand which, inter alia, expresses itself in the manufacturing of luxury tables that satisfy every need, from the rectangular tables to the round ones, from the classical solid wood ones to the more modern crystal ones.

Every creation is an authoritative symbol of authenticity and originality that stands out thanks to the Florentine company’s typical touch.

Discover our wide selection of luxury tables:

luxury dining table: art 1261

Art. 1261 + Table Top Art. 6000

tavolo da pranzo design 3

Art. 1261

designer table

Art. 2145 + Table Top Art. 6000

luxury table design: article 8162

Art. 828 + Table Top Art. 6002

luxury dining table: art 2142

Art. 2142

luxury dining table: art 2130

Art. 2130

luxury dining table: art 1145

Art. 1145 + Table Top Art. 6016

luxury dining table: art 204

Art. 204 + Table Top Art. 6003

tavolo pranzo shabby chic provenzale bianco

Table | Art. 1074

tavolo shabby allungabile

Table | Art. 2152 + Top Art. 6014

tavolo da salotto country

Table | Art. 5007/G

tavolo salotto 2061

Table | Art. 2061

tavolo 5005

Table |  Art. 5005

tavolo 5501_P

Table | Art. 5501/P

tavolo salotto 1085

Table | Art. 1085

tavolo pranzo 204+top

Dining table | Art. 204 + Top Art. 6000

tavolo salotto 1188

Table | Art. 1188

tavolo salotto 2094

Table |  Art. 2094

tavolo 5030

Table |  Art. 5030

tavolo 5013

Magazine table | Art. 5013 |

The historical Florentine company Chelini, a synonym for luxury, elegance and high-end Italian handicraft, offers a range of different styles in line with modern exuberance, while remaining faithful to the standards of classical elegance and refined excellence.

In the catalogues of the Florentine Maison, a great deal of attention is given to luxury tables, highly prestigious and valuable pieces of furniture able to complete the design of any location and enrich the atmosphere. A luxury table is the focus of every room and plays an important role, as far as functionality is concerned but also because of its major visual impact.

The collections by Florentine brand Chelini are the best that can be offered nowadays in terms of luxury furniture labelled “Made in Italy”. Let’s have a look at its creations.


Luxury designer tables Chelini Firenze

The production of luxury designer tables by exclusive brand Chelini stands out for its unprecedented materials which are artisanally processed by expert hands. The Chelini Firenze collection, the brand’s contemporary evolution, offers modern creations with an eternal classical soul.

The Chelini Firenze line, the result of the continuous stylistic development of the Tuscan Maison, offers a concept of luxury reinterpreted in a contemporary way. The traditional carving and processing techniques handed down from generation to generation marry with the lines and shapes of modern design, resulting in luxury tables finished down to the last detail with dedication and passion, in line with the demand of a constantly changing world market.

The luxury designer tables from the Chelini Firenze collection can be placed in any room of a contemporary style house to highlight the modernity of every location. The Tuscan tradition embraces the present modernity.

You can get an impacting aesthetic effect by placing the rectangular table Cube, with its clean lines and its appealing modern design, at the centre of the living room and the matching chairs Ipa around it.


tavolo di lusso moderno: cube

Cube, an excellent example of a modern luxury table (Chelini Firenze).

If you are furnishing an open-plan space, you can place two or three modern chairs Inga next to a round designer table such as the table Cone, which has got a sober and refined allure. The chandelier from the same line guarantees a homogeneous lighting.


tavolo da pranzo di lusso: cone

The round Cone table creates an intimate and pleasant atmosphere. The chandelier, of the same line, goes down exactly to the center of the table for a homogeneous and well distributed lighting. The “Inga” chairs enrich the environment (Chelini Firenze).

Luxury tables: shapes and sizes

Solid geometries, direct lines and an impeccable design distinguish Chelini’s luxury tables, which are thought through to the very last detail.

Elegant and sophisticated yet practical and functional, the luxury tables by Chelini are the perfect pieces of furniture for contemporary, minimalist or industrial style living rooms and lend a dash of personality to the locations.

Round, oval, square or rectangular? The shape of the table should be chosen depending fundamentally on the space available in the room and the number of people that are to sit at the table. Each shape has its own advantages. The selection of products by Chelini includes:

– round tables, which eliminate any hierarchy in the seating arrangement, and thus facilitate communication and enhance conviviality, such as Art. 2211 with a black glass top layer;

luxury dining table with black top

Dining table, art. 2211 (Chelini 1898). –> Read more

– oval tables, which allow to make the best use of the space available and to obtain seats for a large number of guests, such as the charming Art. 150;

tavolo salotto 150

Coffee table | Art. 150 (Chelini 1898) | –> Read more


– square tables, which have an impacting aesthetic effect, such as the majestic Art. 2204 from the Chelini catalogue, a 126 cm x 126 cm table with French gold decorations;

coffee table french baroque: article 2204

Coffee table | Art. 2204 (Chelini 1898) | –> Read more

– rectangular tables, which take up less space while seating a larger number of people, and also allow to make the best use of corners, such as the exclusive Art. 2145 with a walnut top layer.

tavolo classico di lusso: art 2145

Coffee Table | Art. 2145 + Top. Art. 6000 (Chelini 1898) | —-> Read more


Besides the shape, it’s also important to consider the dimensions when choosing a designer table. 70 cm is considered to be more or less the perfect height for the table, which should be approximately 25 cm taller than the chairs, while the suggested width is 75 cm or more.

The exclusive Art. 2130 made of solid wood with a white finish and a dark dyed walnut top layer is exactly 205 cm long, 75 cm tall and 115 cm wide.


tavolo pranzo 2130

Dining table | Art. 2130 (Chelini 1898) | —> Read more


Luxury classical tables Chelini 1898

Let Chelini 1898, the classical collection by the Florentine brand, inspire you with its timeless charm. Furnishing your living room with a luxury classical table from the exclusive Chelini 1898 collection is a way of reliving the atmosphere of the aristocratic residences with the evocative encounter of traditional taste with the modern way of living.

The creations, with their traditional lines closely linked to the world of art and antique furniture yet evergreen, are inspired by the standards of elegance, accuracy and moderation that have made the Florentine art of carving world famous.

The hands of Chelini’s master craftsmen mould the finest wood types, such as durmast, oak and antique cherry wood, and obtain sophisticated lines that stand out for their rare elegance.


Luxury dining tables

A luxury dining table is perhaps the piece of furniture that best conveys the pleasure of being together and is an essential element in the dining room or the kitchen of an apartment furnished in an innovative way.

In the line of contemporary style furnishing elements by Michele Bönan for Chelini, the central element is durmast, a wood type that has got a straight yet irregular fibre and is consistent in colour, which can vary between golden yellow and chestnut brown.

The oval table No. 5024 made of dark pickled durmast wood seats up to six people. With a 150 centimetre diameter, the Art. 5007/G made of light-coloured pickled durmast wood is a round office table with an elegant leather top layer and, if necessary, it can also serve as a luxury dining table.


tavolo 5007_G

Coffee table | Art. 5007/G (Chelini 1898) | —> Read more


Are you looking for luxury tables for your home? Browse our catalogues and let the creations by Maison Chelini inspire you with their timeless style. Shapes, colours, sizes, finishes and materials can be customised depending on your needs. Contact us for a quote.