VSK for Chelini Firenze

By 18 June 2021News

Vero Sussanne Khan (VSK) announces collaboration with Chelini Firenze on a debut collection of designer high-end furnishings and décor for VSK’s luxurious hospitality and residential projects.

“Vero by The Varisan Group is an Italian brand for luxury fit-out projects that build a bridge from Italy to the world”, says Founder of the Varisan Group, Archana Velukutty.

Vero partnered with Sussanne Khan as a designer for projects across hotels, resorts, luxury homes, boutique developments and cruise ships under the brand VSK.

As an Italian brand, VSK will be collaborating with the leading, innovative Italian manufacturer, Chelini, to create a collection of furniture and accessories designed by Sussanne Khan.

This collection will feature the handcrafted finishes and aesthetics that Chelini is synonymous with as a leading company at the top-end of the high-quality market. Chelini was founded in 1898 in Florence in the district of Santo Spirito and today based in Scandicci, home of the internationally recognised Made in Italy.

For Sussanne Khan, the design process is a creative translation between culture and materials, constantly calling on the possibilities of the imagination. Her designs play on geometric and cleaner lines, channelling a fusion of East-meets-West by way of neutral tones and organic warmth. The visual play of her aesthetic is bold and dynamic, one that combines the yin and the yang. These are products that harmonise with each other and their surroundings.

“I believe that luxury is about emotion and design is a tool. It is an honour to work with Vero and Chelini, who understand this completely. By bringing together Vero’s experience in international projects, my signature style, and Chelini’s experience as a leading furniture manufacturer, we have created a beautiful and unique range for projects worldwide.” commented Sussanne Khan.

Sussanne recognises the importance of the link between interior design and product design, having developed an impressive design portfolio with a dedicated team of product designers to support her. This was evident to the product development team at Chelini at the outset of the collaboration.

Vasco Bussetti, Chelini’s CEO, says: “We at Chelini are very excited about this collaboration. From the moment I first met with Sussanne, it was like a breath of fresh air, and she was bursting with new ideas. We are delighted with the designs, they are fresh and elegant, and we look forward to bringing them to life for VSK projects around the world.”

VSK will be launched at the Salone Del Mobile, Milan, in September 2021.

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