Wooden chests of drawers: luxury, elegance and sophistication between classic and contemporary

By 11 January 2024Furniture

Wooden chests of drawers are a fundamental element in tastefully furnishing various rooms of a home. Especially in luxurious spaces, wooden chests of drawers add elegance and sophistication to both living and sleeping areas. From classic to minimal modern styles, wooden chests of drawers are the perfect marriage of functionality and elegance in design. Chelini, a leading brand in the creation of luxury furnishings, offers products perfect for enhancing any type of space, from living rooms to daytime areas to bedrooms, in both classic and modern styles. The Florentine maison’s catalogs indeed contain truly unique pieces, made from various types of wood and with exquisite finishes that will meet any requirement and style.

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Let’s explore together how to choose the wooden chests of drawers that best suits every need and is in perfect harmony with the style of the house, from classic to modern.

Classic Solid Wood chests of drawers

The classic solid wood chests of drawers from the Chelini maison are perfect for furnishing living rooms or daytime areas with a refined, elegant taste that leans towards vintage. The products from the Chelini 1898 collection are made of solid wood with precious workmanship and carvings, to enhance the beauty of the materials and classical shapes. Each chest of drawer is handcrafted and detailed down to the finest points, from legs to tops to drawers, ensuring a product of excellence that embellishes any setting.

A perfect example is article 1153, a significant chest of black solid wood with elegant silver finishes and carvings on the legs and side panels. The uniqueness of this chest of drawer lies in the silver details, used both as decoration on various parts of the furniture and as double handles for the three key-locked drawers that make up this chest of drawer with an unmistakable vintage style. Thanks to its dimensions, it is perfect for furnishing a classic-style lounge but is also very suitable as a piece of furniture for the night area.

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Refined and made in white lacquered wood ,article 1219 is the ideal chest of drawer to enhance a classic lounge decorated with light colors. Its rococo style is highlighted by the curved shape of the legs, as well as by the presence of silver decorations and inlays. This model, presented in the Chelini 1898 collection, features carvings and decorations that accentuate the refinement of the chest of drawer, culminating in the presence of small handles for opening the drawers. Thanks to its two practical drawers, this dresser ensures excellent functionality as well as being an essential piece of furniture in a luxurious classic-style lounge.

cassettone: articolo 1219

To furnish a luxurious lounge with a timeless style, article 2116 is the optimal choice. This antique decapé solid wood chest, with its gold decoration, is the perfect furnishing to bring light and splendor to the living area of a luxury home. The vintage detail is represented by the key-lock of the two drawers present in the dresser, but not only. This exquisite piece of furniture is finely decorated on every surface with tonal inlays that enhance its brightness and elegance. The curved legs and the contoured surface with sinuous shapes give a timeless look to this fabulous classic-style solid wood chest of drawer.

cassettone decapè antico: articolo 2116

Contemporary Solid Wood chests of drawers

The contemporary solid wood chests of drawers from Chelini are a celebration of design. Characterized by clean and geometric lines, these dressers are created by the Florentine maison in collaboration with designer Michele Bönan and combine the functionality of the furniture with the search for precious natural materials paired with lacquered metal, which is used for the handles of the drawers or for the base of some models. The Michele Bönan collection contains truly unique pieces, ideal for making the daytime area elegant and functional in a contemporary style.

An example of this compositional philosophy is represented by article 5019, a modern chest of drawer made of light decapé oak with clean and geometric lines. This Michele Bönan-designed dresser consists of four drawers, made in two different sizes. The detail that characterizes this design model is the metallic ring-shaped handles on the four drawers and the base also made with a metallic band. Thanks to its elegant and discreet presence, this wooden chest of drawer is perfect for furnishing both a modern lounge and a bedroom.

chest of drawers 5019

Modern, minimal yet sophisticated, article 5029 is the perfect chest of drawer for furnishing a contemporary design lounge. Made of dark decapé solid oak wood, this modern Michele Bönan-signed piece is characterized by the combination of materials: dark decapé wood with visible grains for the structure and gold lacquered metal for the legs and various drawer handles. This detail gives a refined touch to this chest of drawer with a minimal yet refined vocation. Its seven practical drawers finally make it a piece of furniture that combines functionality with a contemporary aesthetic.

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Are you looking for the perfect classic or modern wooden chest of drawer to furnish your home? Browse our online catalogs at https://chelini.it/catalogue/ and let yourself be inspired by the iconic creations of the Chelini maison. Shapes, colors, sizes, finishes, and materials can be customized to your needs. Contact us for a quote.